Showing Up for the Conservative Party

I have been a proud member of the Conservative movement in Alberta for many years. I joined one of our legacy parties during my post-secondary years and have continued as an active volunteer every year since, loving every minute of the work.

I have been the Co-Chair of a provincial convention, organized a policy convention and numerous fundraising events, worked on policy submissions, entered data and knocked on too many doors to count. I currently serve on the Boards of Calgary Signal Hill and Calgary Nose Hill. In the last election I was active in my home riding of Calgary Signal Hill, but also assisted the campaigns in Calgary Nose Hill and Calgary Centre. I found time to door-knock with a couple more of our excellent candidates, who are now serving as Members of Parliament. In the spirit of building our team across the country, I helped coordinate a group to spend a weekend door-knocking in Kootenay-Columbia. I attended the last Conservative Convention in Halifax as a delegate and was proud to contribute actively to the Policy and Constitution process.


I was touched and impressed by the way Cynthia made me feel so very welcome and with her extensive understanding of internal and external communications.

The Conservative Party of Canada is only as good as its people. My priority is to creatively identify ways to support our associations to recruit, train and engage our volunteers. What are the “best practices” and how can we share those successes in all 34 ridings? I’m proud of the people I have recruited and those I have helped find their perfect place in the Party. Many are now in leadership roles and in a position to pay it forward.

Professionally, I have been a Video Producer, Scriptwriter and Marketing Strategist for over 20 years. I worked in film and television production before starting my own company. I have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the impact of digital technology. I know this experience and knowledge will be useful to the Party as the world goes more online and we work together to win the next election.

Let’s talk.. I would like to earn your support in this campaign.


Support and Serve our Conservative Associations

The Conservative Party of Canada is my team. I want to support that team to help us win the next election. I have ideas, but I want to hear about the challenges you face and your ideas; to help us share our successes with each other.

Good communication is as much about listening as it is about talking. I’m here to listen and facilitate.

Fresh Perspective and Experience One of the things I love about being a Video Producer is I get to see the world from different perspectives. I get a more rounded understanding of the issues and the solutions people see to move our country forward. I have the privilege of working with smart people in their 20s. I see how they view politics and the challenges our Party has in recruiting them and earning their vote. I want to share that knowledge with our Conservative team. We must expand our base of supporters to younger voters and that will be one of my priorities.
Build Strong Relationships The Conservative Party has excellent people across the country. We can grow and win the next election by working together. I want to help move Alberta ideas forward by building strong relationships within the Party elsewhere in Canada, and share the talent and resources here in Alberta whenever we can. We win by working together. We ONLY win by working together.
Grow Our Team To succeed our Party must constantly grow. We must attract new members and keep them engaged in their local associations while connecting them with Conservatives across the country. I will use my political experience and knowledge to help build our base, but also use my digital knowledge to help recruit new members.
Refresh our Fundraising I will work diligently to continue the National Council’s efforts to build a stronger relationship with the Conservative Fund. I have heard your concerns and desire to create more transparency and better communication with the Conservative Fund. With a new CF Chair, this is the time to refresh the relationship and I commit to doing that. I will also look at how we can modernize our fundraising beyond those frequent phone calls.


Steve Auty Board of Directors, Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Conservative Association

I had the pleasure of working with Cynthia Williams when she was the Co-Chair of the Alberta PC Leadership Convention in March 2017. It was a complex event and at times emotions ran high, but Cynthia was very organized, focused and led the team through a successful convention. She wanted the delegates to have an enjoyable experience and appreciated they had given up their weekend to attend.

Cynthia has deep political roots and connections and experience that will serve us all well if she is a successful CPC National Council candidate.

She has my vote. I hope she has yours as well.

Sylvia Farrant Chief Financial Officer Signal Hill EDA

I speak from experience when I say a challenge of our party is attracting and retaining new members and volunteers. A factor in this challenge is how we “welcome” and “treat” new and existing members. When I returned to the party, I was touched and impressed by the way Cynthia made me feel so very welcome and with her extensive understanding of internal and external communications. Add to that her massive network of contacts across Canada, and her record of getting things done. Every EDA needs a Cynthia Williams, and by her becoming a National Council Member, every riding gets a Cynthia Williams.

Deirdra Garyk Calgary Signal Hill

Why do I believe Cynthia Williams is the right person to be Alberta Representative on the National Council? For so many reasons.

She understands people and politics
She works hard – really hard
She’s an organizer, of both people and activities. If you’ve been on the receiving end of one of her phone calls or e-mails, you’ll know that already!
She’s a people connector. I’m an example. She brought me in and gave me things to do that kept me around.
She’s collaborative. I guess that’s why people like me stay.

It’s also bigger than that. Her commitment to our party nation-wide is compelling.
She knows people across the country
She’s in this for all the right reasons – for the members and for the party.
And she’s authentic and sincere. What you see is what you get with Cynthia.

I can’t think of anyone better for this job.

Michael Cooper Member of Parliament - St. Albert-Edmonton

Cynthia Williams brings decades of grassroots involvement in the Conservative movement in Alberta. She understands our Party and its governance. And she brings strong leadership qualities and a solid understanding of what it takes to grow our Party. I am confident that Cynthia will be a dedicated and effective voice for Alberta Conservative members on National Council.

Max DeGroat Chief Financial Officer, United Conservative Party of Alberta

If Cynthia Williams were not already running for National Council, then my main concern for the 2021 CPC Convention would have been convincing her to run.  I really can’t think of anyone else quite like her.  I certainly can’t think of anybody else to whom I would sooner entrust the future of the Conservative Party of Canada in Alberta.

Cynthia uniquely respects and understands both the traditions of grassroots conservatives in Alberta as well as a willingness to embrace new ways of engaging younger people.

She is better than almost anyone I know when it comes to working past differences to pursue common goals, and her record of achieving those goals for Conservatives speaks for itself.

More than ever before, Alberta needs a Conservative victory in the next federal election.  And Alberta could not ask for a better person to serve on the National Council, and to help us win that victory, than Cynthia Williams.

Jasraj Singh Hallan Member of Parliament - Calgary Forest Lawn

I met Cynthia through her wide network while volunteering as she always does for our Party. She always brings a high level of energy which attracts new people. Cynthia is always there to organize and run events, volunteer at the doors and support our Party in every way.

I support electing Cynthia to our National Council because she is everything everybody wants in a Party volunteer.

Nick Milliken Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta - Calgary Currie (United Conservative Party)

Cynthia was my GOTV Chair in an election where every voted counted. I’m now the UCP-MLA for Calgary Currie because of my team, which Cynthia was an integral part. From the moment the campaign began she was there for me, in the office and at the doors.  She worked with our Campaign Office Manager to make sure people felt welcomed and included to build the team for Election Day, but also for after the election. Cynthia knows how to build a team and win elections. I am confident she will be a great representative for Alberta on the CPC National Council.

I want to hear from you